People with cystinuria share stories, insights, and inspiration

If you have cystinuria, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. But you are not alone. Other people with cystinuria have likely been through similar experiences. Through diligent management, self-advocacy, and partnership with their doctors, they are now living active and fulfilling lives. Listen to their stories.



Tim was diagnosed with cystinuria relatively quickly after his first stone event because his older brother also has the disorder. By working with his doctor to set overall goals for his long-term health, Tim is staying on top of his cystinuria. He has a clear plan to avoid cystine stones—and he's sticking to it.



After multiple surgeries, Trevor committed to taking better care of his health and found success in managing cystinuria. He has developed a strong partnership with his doctors—and the family and friends who support him.

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